School and Leading

Mr.Hedar Sayed Mohamed Hamed HassanSchool is an educational institution that is controlled by rules and regulations taken from the work system of the ministry of education, and is monitored by the educational area it belongs to. It also aims at achieving its tasks through carrying out a group of activities concerning the stage it related to, as teaching task, acquiring knowledge, self discipline, skills acquisition, talents and capabilities.

The school principle is educationally instructurally technically responsible for school directing. He is also the one who is well acquainted with social and cultural sides, work priorities and responsibility estimating and faithful to do his tasks and duties, as well as educated and able to gain creativity, development and building strong relationships with his friends at work. In addition to mission to distributing occupational development, and continuously able to evaluate the tasks, well planned to organize job tasks according to job strategies and the desirable targets.

Mr.Hedar Sayed Mohamed Hamed Hassan
Al-Wataniya preparatory Head Principle

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