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Common goals of Alja`fariya Al- Wataniya School Association:
While the idea for association of al-Jafarya Al-Wataniya School had crystallized at the mind of al-Jafarya al-wataniya school's owners, they concentrated before their eyes the most important educational, social, as well as humanistic goals to achieve. They did their great efforts to arrange the suitable environment, providing the major facilities to achieve typically these goals. In this chapter, we will try to deal with such goals in details.

Firstly: Educational Goals
There is no doubt that education plays fundamental role in human life in consideration of its place as national policy and main support in community, which can not be ignored. In particular, it concentrates on preparation and development of learner's personality to be as vital member in community. where as the comprehensive principle of education means ( total deeds and effects which have been taken place wily by human being towards another human being in purpose of making various preparation that enable him to achieve his aims and objectives during adult maturity stage. Al-Jafarya goals according to the strategic and prospective plan will be accomplished through consequent generations.

These goals summarized as follows:
1- Building up learner's personality educationally well and in integrated way and building up his intellectual facilities, capabilities, as well as making him accustomed at bearing responsibilities in his life.
2- preparation of learners for comprehension of progress in the field of science and technology , which takes large strides in our recent world through the most extremely educational care with such learners to become future scientists and as cresset of development in their society .
3- Development of co-operation, respect, and forgiveness spirit in the learners and preparing them educationally well to form vital element in constituting the modern nation and state and to become as main factors for stability and development of state.
4- To urge learners to cope with variables, which the society where they live may pass by and to make great effort to achieve target development in reality through specific educational and cultural programs.
5- To make great efforts to development the sense of loyalty for homeland through highlight the role that education can play in the field of learner's preparation building the true citizenship.
6- Assuring the co-operation principles among nations achieving the peace worldwide and rejecting the racial discrimination or religious fanaticism from the young through human educational system.
7- Achieving a high system of social democracy for learners through educational programs in order to melt away the class differences among them through providing the principle of educational equal opportunities for all.
8- Attempting to turn school with its different stages to qualified and educational units for the required role in achieving the prospective progress inside the society.
9- Attempting to encourage the independent thinking and mental creativity of learners in order to create active, dynamic and vital human characters.

By the highlight of the previous educational objectives, we can see that education plays an important role in building the aware man for his future and present, the man who is able to endure national responsibilities and to help to develop and improve his society. That's for the important role of education in developing and refreshing science.

This active role of education can't be achieved except by realizing the importance of education in building the man as he is considered the backbone to build the society and the basic element to develop the   society. Actually, the delay will lead to the ruin and the loss of civilization. The famous English writer (H. J. Wales) assures that saying; “The civilization is a race between education and the destruction “. That means education is the only way to develop the society and the active way for the flourish of society.

Second; The social objectives:
Among the social objectives that Al-Wataniya School looks for through different fields are:
1- Good social education to all categories of the students, through improving their abilities and discovering their tends and talents.
2- Providing the suitable conditions that help to achieve the physical mental, social and emotional growth of students.
3- Trying to make use of the pupils’ free time through useful tasks that benefit them and society and meet their psychological and social needs as well as protect them from the factor of deviation.
4- Protecting students from experiencing psychological or social situations that prove to be difficult for  them to experience and training them to deal with such situations when actually face them .
5- Helping students to solve the emotional problems they go through such as lack of self-confidence feeling of inferiority, aggressiveness, a feeling of being disrespected by others and the like emotional problems.
6- Helping students face their problems and the resulting academic problems such as; frequent absence, escaping from school, bullying others, disliking the educational atmosphere in addition to the problems of academic lag and the negative consequences resulting from them.
7- Identifying the social needs of the students and prioritizing these needs.
8- The school responsibilities are of general nature and keep close relation to the society so as to be able to do its responsibilities completely.
9- Taking care of the different educational, technical and cultural programs that help students serve their society and providing them with the useful skills and experiences.
10- Taking care of the different social activities and above all the scout and sports activities that help build the student's personality physically, mentally and psychologically.
11- Implanting superior values and morals in the rising generations and protecting them from the immoral trends and the deviant ideologies that prevail nowadays.
12- Keeping close relation between the school and the home so as to ensure the realization of the academic attainment aimed at. This is to be achieved through establishing parents and teachers councils.
13- Organizing celebrations of the religious feasts as well as holding cultural and scientific symposiums that help spread cultural awareness among students.
14- Getting students to be accustomed to respecting the public social disciplines and the existing traditions and customs and developing faith in the general national aims and the contribution to the progress of society.

These aims as a whole can't be achieved but through the realization of the social function of the school which in turn can't be achieved except through coordinating the leadership activities at school.
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