The Principal Speech

Farag KhameesIt's The honor and pride to be head of ALWataniya School administration this year 2015/2016, I was honored by meeting both the administration and teaching staffs ,and I liked the spirit of love and cooperation that prevail throughout the school which looked as an educational stable edifice from which generations draw useful knowledge.

AlWataniya School since it was established in 1938 was a result of sincere efforts carried Flame that illuminates the way of knowledge in a time of darkness. This School which still paves the way invariably and efficiently is a good prudence for the sincerity and nobility of the goal of these men who established it as a disciplinarian private school in Kuwait.

The Owners set up their efforts and time till it becomes an educational platform which I belong to and work sincerely to cooperate with the staff to lead the learners to reach their noble goals  which both individual and nation are looking  forward to and we will continue the way of modernity, progress and offer inside the school. I and my colleagues of both administration and teaching staffs to hold the crown of school high to stay the platform of knowledge and effort that support the nation with a generation able to build and raise its consequence among nations.

Mr. Faraj Khamis
Principal of the secondary stage

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