Wataniya School: Science Activities

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Our Mission is to enable the students to achieve academic excellence and to mould their young minds with a balance of skill, sophistication, compassion and sensitivity through multifarious science activities.




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 Statistic section to provide clear image of Al-Wataniya School' teachers, students and historical development.




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Welcome to Wataniya School

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For the past 72 years, tens of thousands of parents have placed their trust in Wataniya School. Wataniya believes that every child is unique and precious.




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About Al – Wataniya School

About Al – Wataniya SchoolIn the years of 1357 A.H. – 1938 A.D., Al-wataniya Alja`fariya school was established. It was the first systematical school in the state of Kuwait the opening ceremony was held on Friday, the eighteenth of Thi – Al Hija 1357, 7th February 1939. The invitation was given from the establishers of the school to the late Sheikh Ahmed Al Jaber Al Subah who opened it.



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