Campus & Facilities

The characteristics of Al-wataniya school building in Hawally.
The recent school building consists of three floors, in addition to the basement which contains; each class is 42 square meters.
A: 40 classes.
B: Four scientific laboratories for Physics, chemistry, biology and geology.
C: A large spacious library of 100 square meters which contains about 5000 books in different fields.
D: There are also two computer rooms; each one contains twenty three computer sets. Computer system has entered our school since 1984 to be the first private and even governmental one using computer during that period. An English engineer was brought to drill the teachers as well as the students. Later computer become a basic subject for all educational stages.
E: A theatre that can contain 400 persons.
F: A medical clinic equipped with all necessary tools and it contains a special room for the doctor besides, there is a place for waiting. The responsible person takes care of the students. Health and register the special condition which need special care. Moreover, a health file is made for each student and regular vaccinations are given in all stages according to the ministry of health instructions.
G: Four drawing rooms that serve all stages; the primary , the intermediate and the secondary ones , above all , there are venues like teachers rooms , supervision rooms , many administration rooms , the stores and many other venues .

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